Situation of the project

The Chorok Tarfaya Commercial and Services Facility centre is located at less than 4 kilometres from Tarfaya. The city of Tarfaya, known in the early days as Bens village, is a port of Morocco located at 100 kilometres at the north of El Aaiún, close to the border with the Western Sahara and in front of the Canary Islands (98 kilometres from Fuerteventura). Tarfaya belongs to the El Aaiún-Bojador-Sakia El Hamra region, which extends over an area of almost 140.000m2.

The city of Tarfaya, due to its geostrategic location connecting Europe with Africa and the American continent and the numerous fiscal measures put in place, attracts national and international investors in search of new business opportunities. Tarfaya and the Kingdom of Morocco work with the intention of reaching out to investors, trying to facilitate their task with numerous tax advantages, such as the total exemption from taxes (both on companies and on income).

Less than 100 kilometres from the coast of Fuerteventura, the city of Tarfaya is emerging as the perfect logistics gateway to Morocco and all Africa and will become the exchange and trade platform of the entire El Aaiún region.

The Chorok Tarfaya Commercial and Services Facility Centre is located on the unique road that connects Morocco with Mauritania and the south countries of Africa (Mali, Senegal, etc.): The Pan-African highway.

  • Distances:
    • Fuerteventura – Tarfaya = 98 kilometres
    • El Aaiún – Tarfaya = 105 kilometres
  • Transports:
    • 2h30 by boat between Fuerteventura and Tarfaya
    • 45 minutes by plane between Las Palmas and El Aaiún

Description of the project

The Chorok Tarfaya Commercial and Services Facility Centre is a large industrial and commercial centre that will become the nerve centre of the businesses and services of an extensive area in unstoppable development. There is a main entrance from the main road (Pan-African highway) that enters a wide boulevard (avenues of 34 meters). This will be the main axis that divides the two phases of the project.

The first phase will be developed on an area of 300.000m2 and will have industrial warehouses, department stores and a hypermarket. Leisure and accommodation are guaranteed with the start-up of a 5-star Hotel-Casino. The Chorok Tarfaya project is completed with a service station, craft market, playground and green areas for relaxation.

The Chorok Tarfaya Development will offer:

  • Warehouses
  • Department Stores
  • Hypermarket
  • Petrol station
  • Hotel-Casino 5*
  • Craft-market
  • Mosque
  • Children park
  • Green areas

Environmental measures:

  • Preservation of the history and the local traditions.
  • Introduction of green spaces as element of riverbed of the sand from the trade winds.
  • List of width of the road and the height of the buildings.
  • Different rails of traffic – pedestrians/bikes/cars.
  • Relation between parking offer and accessibility degree.
  • Fomentation of the vegetable growth of the area.
  • Fomentation of the environmental management of the natural resources.
  • Fomentation of environmental leisure activities in the area.


Total area 300.000m2
Department stores and hypermarket 24.169m2
Craft-market and children’s parks 17.845m2
Special facilities 23.335m2
Restaurant and hotel-casino 21.065m2
Petrol station 6.280m2
Road infrastructures and green areas 73.691m2
Warehouses and facilities 133.600m2
Area CS-I: 64 plots of 1.400m2
Area CS-II: 16 plots of 1.150m2
Area CS-III: 32 plots of 800m2

General Plan