Open to the world

Our commitment to the future makes Grupo Newport a company with a vocation of continuity and stability based on constant improvement in our international expansion process:   “Different projects, different markets, different destinations”.

The internationalisation of corporations is based on several basic principles of economic strategy: quality, perseverance and leadership. Since its founding, Grupo Newport has opened up to the world, aware that excellence transcends borders and brings territories closer together, creating trust between public and private investors based on solid long-term projects, in which corporate profitability, sustainable development and good business practices all carry the same weight.

With the impetus aimed at developing markets, Grupo Newport has given special meaning to our international real estate division on Cape Verde and Morocco, not forgetting, as complement, our Spanish reference, with developments in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura (Canary Islands).

In Cape Verde, Grupo Newport fundamentally acts in the islands of Sal, Boa Vista and Maio with large-scale projects. Proof of this, the Porto Murdeira Master Plan project, a large tourist project located on the island of Sal, one of the most ambitious tourist activities on the African coast (504 hectares). The development will comprise hotel plots, residential plots, commercial plots, Golf course and Marina, casino, sports centre, etc.

On the island of Maio, Grupo Newport has the Atlantic Beach project, located on the beachfront and composed of 60 villas and 262 apartments. The complex will have diving and surf clubs, as well as a beach club.

As a counterpoint to tourism consolidation on the Cape Verde Islands, Grupo Newport has made a gigantic jump, launching an unprecedented project in the south of Morocco, a country with which Spain has intensified economic, financial and diplomatic relations. The project is called Chorok Tarfaya and is located in a strategic enclave for future shipping lines and airline routes between the Canary Islands and the adjacent country. It is a Commercial and Services facility centre of 30 hectares that provides warehouses, department stores, craft markets, playgrounds, restaurants, casino-hotel, hypermarket and service stations.

Tarfaya is a coastal area located at 98 kilometres from Fuerteventura and 100 kilometres from El Aaiún (administrative capital of El Sahara, with 400.000 inhabitants), which has been included in the investment program of the Moroccan Government with a budget of 1.200 million euros approved for tourism development programs. Due to the priority granted by the Moroccan Government, Tarfaya will become one of the main trade routes with Africa, as it is located in front of the Canary coast and is a crossroads of the Pan-Africana, which unites Morocco with Mauritania, Senegal and Mali.

As a Spanish reference, Grupo Newport is promoting different developments in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) as new opportunities for safe and profitable investment, offering excellence and quality. We offer residential duplexes, apartments and single-family villas.